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You might enter the genealogy network at some of the "hubs":

Hans-Ulrich Schertenleib (1757–1807), Carl Ulff (1734–1787), Gabriel David Tenthorey (1759–1828).

Jacques Cosandey (1840?–1900?), Jakob Leumann (1850?–1919), Alfred Mariller (1841–1913), Jean-Baptiste Pittet (1833–1904), Paul Vittoz (1846–1924), Jean-Louis Chollet (1855–1927).

Alfred Cosandey (1876–1941), Martha Neff-Leumann (1887–1952) Florentin Pittet (1868–1912), Aurélie Bovey (1874–1924), André Schertenleib (1875–1962), Johann Schertenleib (1879–1950), Alice Vittoz (1873–1918).

The most ancient ancestor represented on this site is: Oluf (Olof) (1540/50–1604).

This is an attempt to represent in a clear and practical way, with the help of hyperlinks, a genealogy network, that is, a whole family, and not only the genealogical "tree" (direct ascendants or direct descendants of someone). In a way, this is a tree of trees. This example network mostly displays members of the families Cosandey, Leumann, Mariller, Meylan, Pittet, Schertenleib, Tenthorey, Ulff and Vittoz. Click here for

DC = David Cosandey (
AM = Ake Moberg
AS = André Schertenleib
EET = Estelle Etchegaray-Tenthorey
EU = Erik Ulff
FT = Francine Tenthorey
GC = Gaston Cardinaux
IDV = Iwan De Vries
JCM = Jacqueline Cardinaux-Mariller
JMT = Josette Michel-Tenthorey
JSE = Jean-Sébastien Etchegaray
LCM = Liliane Cardinaux-Michel
LPC = Lorette Pittet-Cosandey
MC = Maurice Cosandey
MM = Marjorie Mariller
MSU = Monica Siegenthaler-Ulff
NGI = Nilda Giroud-Imhof
PV = Philippe Vittoz
RP = Roger Pittet
RS = Rémy Schroeter
OT = Olga Tenthorey

Last modified: 01 Jan 2021